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There is something special when you collaborate God crafted beings with beautiful, man made architecture; it’s a whole different field of photography on its own. I believe this is more than just urban, street or fashion photography, but a collection of the three. It’s candid, but reenacted perfectly with a splash of nonchalance.

In my field of work, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet new faces and also build stronger relations with people I love to call friends and these are a few moments I’ve created with them. The concept? We Are All Nomads. DSCF0106 This is Denny Balmaceda.  I met him less than a year ago, but already I feel so close with him.  This guy is very encouraging and inspiring.. not only to me but literally 50 thousand others!  My dude is hilarious!!  And being that my humor level is pretty damn advanced, it’s important he and I can exchange corny shit and still understand each other. DSCF0111  This is my brother Steven Onoja.  A fuckin’ perfect perfectionist!  He reached out to me via Tumblr 4 years ago and he wanted to meet me during NYFW for a photo opp and the rest is history!  He is a go-getter.. after only a short period from his move from Nigera to the states he has done far more than what anyone thought was possible.  DSCF0116 This is one of Denny’s friend, I sadly forgot her name!!  But I just loved her energy and I needed to capture a moment. DSCF0134 This is the Dan aka the NobleGent and this year would mark 5 years of actually knowing this dude.  A beard of a viking with the steez of a fashion LVRD.  He is one of the more important member of Zanerobe.  This photo was from a gig I did with Zanerobe, you can peep my last blog post to see some dope imagery.DSCF0321 This is Diplo changing into some Zanerobe pieces.  Dan said this was creepy, but I call it “art”. DSCF0343 That guy above is Dat and he is wassup!  I’ve got to hang with him a few weeks back for the first time and I quickly learned he is quite quiet, a mellow fellow.  He told me he just rather listen and absorb the environment.  DSCF8717 Mustafa Kacar, another gentleman who keeps to himself.  I’ve only seen him a handful of times, but he is legit a cool dude.  This photograph of Moose was from an H&M x GQ event he was hosting last month. DSCF8816 Jeremy, the prodigy.  I met him maybe 6 years ago at a sneaker event I was hosting and he was a supporter of mine back then and still is now.  I respect this dude so much!  He still nags me about how I could have been huge, but I’m very inconsistent with my craft.  I agree.DSCF8963 This is Daniel and I met him the same day I took this photo of him.  He was taking photos for his own Instagram page and I took a candid shot of him.  He just moved to NYC to study music.  Best of luck man.DSCF9291 Denny and I at this dope coffee shop in brooklyn.DSCF9324 Caught Steven with this amazing red backdrop!  An all red photo never looked so good! DSCF9393 This is Ignacio  Quiles and he is an OG to this fashion game!    I want to be steezed out like this guy when I get older.  Such a pleasure to pick his brains for a few hours and just talk about everything and anything!  Such an honest smile he carries with him.DSCF9503 This is Sarah, the controller of my life.  #enoughsaidDSCF9594 Ryan Babenzien, the founder of Greats brand.  I had the pleasure of stopping by his office and I got to chop it up with him discussing the state of footwear and what his plans are to change the whole industry!  He is brilliant mind and I am very excited to see where Greats will be in a few years.DSCF9725 Denny being all meta.. as per usual.Denny being all meta.. as per usual.DSCF9792I forgot homies name, but he was too fly not to capture.  I saw him during an Instagram meet, yes I attend those, and he just stood out to me.  The leather jacket over blazer combo is one of my favorite things to do!

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