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We Are Nomads.  This is a state of mind that I wish more people would understand.  I believe we are in this game of life alone, because at the end of the day all we care about is ourselves.  No matter who you are, we all have our problems and our own goals.. we need to do it on our own.  As a Nomad we really don’t have a place to stay or “fit in” and our only home is where WiFi connects, that’s why the words “connect to the internet” is featured on the side of the hat.  Social media has become a place where we can truly express ourselves.

The We Are Nomads 5 panel snapback is lightweight and comes in black or white.



The Marcel bracelet is beautifully hand crafted with the highest quality tiger bead.  What makes this such a unique piece is when under certain lighting conditions it will give off a nice dark blue tone or a shiny black.  The Marcel bracelet features 3 roses which is made in a solid sterling silver which also has amazing details!

This is a clean piece which will be great to pair with your watches or any other pieces from our collection.

All pieces are made to order (2-3 days) and come with custom velvet baggies. The bracelets will be shipped in a bubble envelope and free signature confirmation.

Limited to 25 pieces.

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The SUPER limited edition Golden Obsidian bracelet is a more refined piece from our collection. Using 6mm beads, the bracelet is slimmer and carries are more luxurious feel to it than our other bracelets. As usual, we used high quality beads which has a golden shine to it under certain lighting situations and is paired with an amazing 24K gold skull. The skull is a 24K vermeil gold and is finished with a brushed technique. This is our favorite and is already low on stock due to priority sales. This is perfect for a gift and is unisex. For a man in his suit or raw denim and for the lady in heels and a dress. All pieces are made to order and come with a custom black velvet bag.

Orders are made to order (2-3 days).



This is our first release of 4 of the exotic skin collection of card holders.  Featured above is a high quality, smooth beige/grey/brown lizard skin with a beautiful pattern that is one of a kind.  Since it’s authentic skin and not a fabrication, no card holder will be the same, instead all will be one of a kind.  All four slots ( 1 slot in the front, 2 in the back and one in between or middle of the wallet ) is lined with top of the line beige silk for a smooth finish.  These are super limited and come with a navy blue micro suede pouch with our new project name embroidered on it, August 17.  Everything, from the pouch to the wallet is hand made in New York City by skilled individuals.

What we wanted to do for the this project was to offer a product that is very stylish, yet still functional.  We believe card cases are very important in ones style, it says a lot about you.  Having a bulky wallet in your suit or in your back pocket looks horrible and will cramp up your style, so we thought to create a very slim and sturdy card case which will be tucked away neatly.  We also wanted to make luxury available to the people who are like us and don’t want to spend $400 dollars on a wallet.  We are not selling a name, but craftsmanship and a product we believe in.


-Authentic, high grade lizard skin in a custom dye.

-1 card slot in the front

-2 more card slots in the back

-1 card/money holder in between the front and back.

-Silk lining

-Micro Suede packaging

-Everything is bought and made in New York City

Please email us for questions.

Free Shipping.