Visiting Greats Brand

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Take notice. Y’all been fooled!

The sneakers you’re currently wearing are worth far less than what you’ve paid for! I’m finna break it down real quick. Sneakers can cost 5-30 dollars (more or less) to produce depending on material, quantity and finally add shipping the finished products to a warehouse to the equation, it will only add to the retail cost of the product. Then of course there is wholesaling, the price nearly triples so that the boutique and brand can make money. 0-$400 real quick.

Y’all have been spending too much money!

Greats brand takes the middle man out and sells directly to the consumer, selling sneakers at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality.. at all!

Ryan Babenzien, founder of Greats Brand, invited me to his office last month and I finally got around to find my way to his creative space last week! He was very welcoming and dope to talk with and the subjects we talked about were very natural, it felt like we were friends just catching up. We soon got into discussing about sneakers, he seemed surprised by how much I knew about the subject, and I really felt his passion for footwear and his mission to change the game.

He also showed me the most talked about shoe as of late, the Wooster x Parrabellum slip-on. He told me why it costs the amount it does and two important reasons are 1. The leather is from the stomach of a cow and is very expensive (it has the most texture and only a small amount is available per skin). 2. The button featured on the heal tab is a custom made ceramic button which is also military grade, it costs about $50 to produce one button!

Lastly, before I left he shared with me a sweatshirt that he will be releasing. This is probably the first time you will see this item, it hasn’t been publicly revealed, but this sweater is the first step to hopefully producing cool clothes!

I left feeling great about supporting a brand that is changing the footwear industry for the better. They really do produce outstanding products for a super affordable price! When I say quality, I mean it! They create their sneakers from the same factories as a lot of the high end brands do.

Go and check them out! Use this link and save $10 automatically!







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