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I got a new job. Things are looking brighter as of late.

I’ve also made the decision to surrounded myself with like minded people which has ignited my love for blogging and sharing content. I mean, sharing content was always a part of me the past year, but meaningless posts drowned my feed, I was not content with my content.

So here is to a new beginnings and inspirational friends who make us better.

During NBA all-star weekend, I attended a private event hosted by Express and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. I soaked in the good vibe, music and company, but I must say the highlight was Ludacris’s live performance. Like, this dude was on my playlist in high school on repeat and he spit all of the bangers I bumped to then! It was LIT! Screaming out “Ike” to Juelz Santana or Curry walking right behind me comes to a very close second.

During the event we had the opportunity to create a personalized button up, specifically their 1MX shirt. Apparently I chose to add pink squares on a white shirt, I must have been buzzed off of the free booze, and my initials (I never liked my initials because it always reminds me of the childhood broadcasting station PBS). But despite not being a fan of pink or even squares, when I received the package last week, I was quite impressed with it. I kinda looked good in it lol. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I really did!

Also, the 1MX is super comfortable being that it is flexible. Sitting down with a full tummy never felt so comfortable!!

You can get yours here.

Enjoy some photos below.





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